Low carb diets are all the rage…

And in some cases they can be beneficial for a short time. But before you lower or completely cut carbs from your diet, there are some things you deserve to know…

Bad things can happen to your body when carbs are too low.

The human body requires some level of carbohydrates to function at peak levels over the long term.

Cutting carbs temporarily can be good under certain circumstances.

For example, people fending off the beginnings of metabolic syndrome could benefit from the effects low carb can have on resetting insulin sensitivity.

But keeping carbs too low for too long can have awful consequences. And the more active you are, the more serious those complications can get.

If you’re sedentary, your carb needs are lower, but you still need them. And the more often and more intensely you exercise the more carbs you need.Sticking to a long-term, chronic low-carb diet can lead to problems like: decreased thyroid output, chronically high cortisol, decreased testosterone, impaired mood and cognitive function, muscle loss and even suppressed immune function.

To sum it up… if you cut carbs for too long, your metabolism can slow down, your stress hormones can go crazy, your brain can go to mush and you can get sick more often…

Worst of all, if you lose any weight it’s probably more muscle than fat. That’s because eventually your thyroid is going to get short circuited.

You see, your body produces a hormone called T3 which is responsible for blood glucose management and proper metabolic function.

In other words it’s really important in the fat burning equation.However a landmark study, known as the Vermont Study, found that T3 is very sensitive to calorie and carbohydrate intake.

When calories and carbs are restricted, your T3 levels tank.The other important thing you should know about keeping carbs too low, especially towards the end of the day, is it can ruin your sleep.

You see, keeping carbs too low can trigger chronically high cortisol. And this can definitely mess with your sleep.

Which is why we recommend that even if you are completely sedentary, you eat at least some carbs with your evening meal and snack.

Now, the trick is knowing how to strategically enjoy the right carbs at the right time to take advantage of all their benefits, while still losing all the weight you want.

Carbs are a powerful weapon in your weight loss and health arsenal if you use them right.

And that’s exactly what we teach you to do in the Half Day Keto lifestyle.

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